Friday, May 30, 2014

Frisky Pandas

The title should really be 'Frisky Panda.' I personally am not a fan of real pandas. When bamboo is more important to you than procreation, well, I guess you've made your choice. That said, I am a big fan of the panda minifigure. It just got stuck in the LEGO Movie somewhere inconspicuously, but it stood out in the line of Collectible Minifigures for the movie. It's one of the only collectible minifigures I own two of, and I intend to put them to good use.

I'm not really sure where the idea for this MOC came from. I guess it is just from the random panda knowledge I know, like that female pandas ovulate only once a year and even then only for 2-3 days. Even then, they're notoriously hard to breed.

This whole thing is kind of random. Just enjoy it.

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