Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick Update - Life Stuff

I'd just like to thank everyone for their support and the views. My project on LEGO CUUSOO is nearing 500 supporters, a major milestone for me as, barring divine intervention, I didn't think I would reach that for months. Traffic to my blog peaked out at over 10,000 visitors in one day and I have received many messages expressing support, curiosity, suggestions, criticisms and pictures of other peoples' Minecraft Chickens.

That said, I am swamped currently in real life. I'm entering law school and I'm adjusting to a heavy workload as well as some other life changes. I would love to make a ghast/wolf/blaze/pig/sheep/cow and post instructions but right now I just don't have that much time. I will try this weekend to create one of these monsters and hopefully it turns out well. If that is successful I will try and post instructions soon afterwards.

Thank you all for your support once again. I hope to be back up again soon.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Minecraft Chicken Comparison Shot - Featured on Minecraft Forums

Today my LEGO Minecraft Chicken instructions were featured on, much to my surprise. I posted the instructions on the forum earlier and there wasn't much interest expressed in it. Some positive feedback, but not much else.

Thank you though to Sacheverell for putting me on the front page. I do love people getting to build their own Minecraft Chicken and the supporters on CUUSOO don't hurt either.

Here is the comparison shot that some people asked for. It's taller than chapstick : P

LEGO Minecraft Baby Chicken - Cuter Than Your Average Chicken

First, I would like to apologize for the poor lighting. New home, different lighting. I will work on it in the future.

Secondly, awwww. I've had this baby chicken for a while but hadn't photographed it. I've rectified that mistake. 

The head is nearly identical to the Minecraft Chicken I made previously because it is supposed to be the same size. However it is not nearly well connected.

The build is more complex than the Minecraft Chicken. It basically breaks into two pieces if you poke it too hard and it can't stand up on its own unless you place its legs one stud forward towards the head. That said though, it is still super adorable. No wing flapping though.

A few comparison shots.


The build is not optimal at all. I made it to see if I could do it. One day I will make it sturdy and uniform so it can be equal to my original Minecraft Chicken and then I will post instructions to it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Hazards of Nuclear Waste

"Good thing sewer crocs are just a myth."

Not having an internet connection at home is a good way to inspire someone to just focus on building LEGO creations while steadfastly pouring through multiple seasons of a show. I'm not sure why I thought to build a sewer MOC (My Own Creation) but I remember it starting with the fact that I thought that it would be pretty cool to have a ladder built out of those pieces that look like handles. Well I built that ladder and a wall and I thought to myself that it would only fit well in either a sewer or an industrial plant setting and I decided that I could have more fun with the sewer setting than I could the industrial plant. From there I realized that while the sewer is dirty, nuclear waste could only make it dirtier and who doesn't love the mutating powers of nuclear waste?

Anyways, the resulting build is what you see before you. A poor, not so innocent cog of the corporate nuclear machine testing for radioactivity from nuclear waste dumping in the sewer is about to be chomped on by a mutated shark man. What a terrible, stinky, dirty way to die.