Monday, June 25, 2012

Super Mario Ready for Action

"Everyone knows only people with wings, capes or raccoon outfits can fly."

I'm not sure exactly how the cape enables Mario to fly, glide, or smash into the ground with his face, but I'm glad it does. I've been replaying through Super Mario World and the cape is my preferred form. Scratch that, getting jacked up on star power is my preferred form. 

Either way though, Mario flying through the air is rather iconic of this game and I thought I would do my tribute. This mosaic was much harder to do than the previous two Link creations I worked on due to the color palette not translating well. For example, in the original sprite art, Mario's cape is actually mostly made up of a peach color that also makes up his face. Mario's red shirt is actually only magenta and pink, and there is no solid red color. I actually made a Mario with the LEGO bricks for magenta and fleshy pink but it looked ridiculous. Instead of that ridiculousness, I simply adapted it closer to more appropriate colors for the objects that would stand out a bit more. 

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