Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brick Fox

"I refuse to do a barrel roll."

I've been wanting to make more LEGO animals for a while now, and probably due to a recent influx of posts on Reddit about adorable foxes, I thought I would try my hand at one. The construction is very similar to that of David Cole's, and so I feel that it would be appropriate to mention him here; however I have completely reworked the head, the ears and a portion of the tail. Furthermore The legs and underside are completely my own design, as are the feet. I wasn't quite sure how I should credit him or even to what extent considering I didn't have any instructions and that I changed basically everything except for the gait and back. I would consider this of my own design ultimately.

Regardless, I am proud of this creation and its design.

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  1. Would it possible to create a set of instructions for this fox please as it would make a perfect gift for my mum. If so could you please send it to
    I would be so grateful.