Sunday, November 25, 2012

LEGO Collectible Minifigures

You might not think that this is an accomplishment but all of these minifigures were deconstructed beforehand. My girlfriend and I had to put these all back together again and I STILL have to accessorize all of them. It's a nightmare.

That said, I do love seeing them all displayed again and it clears up three drawers! I'm in the process of putting all of my minifigures back together again.

Eventually I will add all together the minifigure series, of which there are apparently 11. 11! Who needs that many series? (Me!)

That darn scholar's robes never stay down. Sigh.

Star Wars Eurobricks Raffle Entry 2012

Its nothing large, just my entry into a Eurobricks raffle. Its a small vignette of my Christmas. The essentials are all there: a small dog to hover over my food, a pie to stuff my face and a lifesize R2D2 that really works. You know, the classics. Not depicted: everything else. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

An Update on the Blog

Hello All,

I haven't posted anything for over a month now. This is due to 1. Law School 2. Life. 3. The First Two Combined. Law school is terrible and it is a huge time consumer. However the good news is is that it is Thanksgiving Break and I have some free time and quite a few contests to enter. There shall be entries galore here (hopefully). 

Thanks for visiting,


Thursday, October 4, 2012

How Every Good Monster Chase Begins

" '...And if the coffin is removed, he shall rise and have his revenge on the defilers. Ahh this can't be good."

This is the little Halloween type project I've been working on for a week now. Just a poor, probably underpaid Museum employee doing some translations in the back with the new exhibit, about to be mauled by an angry mummy. Can't say the guy didn't get fair warning though. 

This is the last time this guy will be photographed in focus alive.

And this is the first time this guy has been photographed in focus alive...undead?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preview: Upcoming Halloween Scene

I'm not content with just one post tonight. I'm working on a second one that I will hopefully finish up with by this weekend, law school permitting (practice exam this week and we're starting the Erie Doctrine in Civil Procedure. FUN.) Not to dash anyone's hopes, but this MOC will not center around a Greek Olympic event but instead is set in a museum...a spooky night...with old creepy stuff...Just wait for it to show up. It's better than I can describe.

Crawling Right Out Of Your Screen, Probably While You're Sleeping At Night

"Hey, I just noticed you."

Can it be? Am I really posting something now that I have entered the law school abyss? Yes, yes I am. That question didn't need answering, but I feel that I need to bulk up my post since it has been so long. It's like talking to myself but with the off chance someone will actually respond. 

"My name is Crawly. Nice to meet you."

I'm not really sure where the inspiration or the thought for this guy came from. I was sitting in Criminal Law class and I just thought it would be nice to do something minimalist but show a person in motion. Nothing that had to be poseable, which causes all sorts of problems in its own. Either way I am happy with how it came out. At first glance it is very obvious and recognizable as to what this is supposed to be.

"I'm just going to crawl out of your screen now. I hope we can be friends."

He did turn out decidedly more creepy than I had expected. I'm not sure if it's the faceless ever present gaze that you get from staring at his head or the fact that he seems to be scooting towards you whenever you look at him but if I had to choose from any of my creations the most likely one to be possessed by an evil spirit, possibly from an Indian burial ground located underneath my kitchen, it would have to be this one. 

Expect the rest of my October posts to be as creepy as this one. It's fright time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coming Back Soon!

So here's the thing, law school is by far the most time consuming thing I have ever done in my life, and I raided classic vanilla WoW up through Naxxramas. By the time I come home and finish doing all my work, I am drained and want very little to do that is creative because all my creativity is sucked out of me into legalese.

That said, there is hope because I want nothing more to do this weekend than to sit down and build something with my LEGO collection. I am thinking of a Halloween series of builds. Should be fun.

Post something soon! Promise.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick Update - Life Stuff

I'd just like to thank everyone for their support and the views. My project on LEGO CUUSOO is nearing 500 supporters, a major milestone for me as, barring divine intervention, I didn't think I would reach that for months. Traffic to my blog peaked out at over 10,000 visitors in one day and I have received many messages expressing support, curiosity, suggestions, criticisms and pictures of other peoples' Minecraft Chickens.

That said, I am swamped currently in real life. I'm entering law school and I'm adjusting to a heavy workload as well as some other life changes. I would love to make a ghast/wolf/blaze/pig/sheep/cow and post instructions but right now I just don't have that much time. I will try this weekend to create one of these monsters and hopefully it turns out well. If that is successful I will try and post instructions soon afterwards.

Thank you all for your support once again. I hope to be back up again soon.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Minecraft Chicken Comparison Shot - Featured on Minecraft Forums

Today my LEGO Minecraft Chicken instructions were featured on, much to my surprise. I posted the instructions on the forum earlier and there wasn't much interest expressed in it. Some positive feedback, but not much else.

Thank you though to Sacheverell for putting me on the front page. I do love people getting to build their own Minecraft Chicken and the supporters on CUUSOO don't hurt either.

Here is the comparison shot that some people asked for. It's taller than chapstick : P

LEGO Minecraft Baby Chicken - Cuter Than Your Average Chicken

First, I would like to apologize for the poor lighting. New home, different lighting. I will work on it in the future.

Secondly, awwww. I've had this baby chicken for a while but hadn't photographed it. I've rectified that mistake. 

The head is nearly identical to the Minecraft Chicken I made previously because it is supposed to be the same size. However it is not nearly well connected.

The build is more complex than the Minecraft Chicken. It basically breaks into two pieces if you poke it too hard and it can't stand up on its own unless you place its legs one stud forward towards the head. That said though, it is still super adorable. No wing flapping though.

A few comparison shots.


The build is not optimal at all. I made it to see if I could do it. One day I will make it sturdy and uniform so it can be equal to my original Minecraft Chicken and then I will post instructions to it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Hazards of Nuclear Waste

"Good thing sewer crocs are just a myth."

Not having an internet connection at home is a good way to inspire someone to just focus on building LEGO creations while steadfastly pouring through multiple seasons of a show. I'm not sure why I thought to build a sewer MOC (My Own Creation) but I remember it starting with the fact that I thought that it would be pretty cool to have a ladder built out of those pieces that look like handles. Well I built that ladder and a wall and I thought to myself that it would only fit well in either a sewer or an industrial plant setting and I decided that I could have more fun with the sewer setting than I could the industrial plant. From there I realized that while the sewer is dirty, nuclear waste could only make it dirtier and who doesn't love the mutating powers of nuclear waste?

Anyways, the resulting build is what you see before you. A poor, not so innocent cog of the corporate nuclear machine testing for radioactivity from nuclear waste dumping in the sewer is about to be chomped on by a mutated shark man. What a terrible, stinky, dirty way to die. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Little Mermaid Relaxing Under The Sea

This is the little mermaid. I don't know what else to say. It's a pretty simple build. The hardest part was getting her shells the right size (if you know what I mean). I think she turned out pretty well. Although her hair is parted on the wrong side. Prince Eric may be attempted at a later date so stay tuned.
Hope you enjoyed this trip under the sea.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Minecraft Chicken Now on LEGO CUUSOO!

"Go support me here!"

Many people have expressed interest in my Minecraft chicken and their desire to have one. I tried to help people out by directing them to Bricklink and Pick A Brick on the LEGO site, but I think it would be much more convenient for people just to buy it direct from LEGO. That's why I need your help in supporting this project on LEGO CUUSOO. Just visit this site, create an account and support this project. While you're there, feel free to browse and lend your support to other worthy projects. Get going!

This one is definitely my favorite shot.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LEGO Minecraft Chicken Instructions


At the prompting of many fellow Redditors, I am making instructions to construct a LEGO Minecraft Chicken. Hopefully this will result in massive Karma to myself, as well as a pat on the back from Notch. Personally though I hope it just results in everyone having a LEGO Minecraft chicken.

Note/Personal Plea: Writing up this tutorial took me hours of work. This is on top of building this chicken not once, but three separate times to minimize the number of pieces used. I came up with the design for the chicken on my own without any guidance or assistance. Please do not copy paste this somewhere else without giving me credit. I put in a lot of effort into making this guide and I would like credit for it. That's all I ask for. People asked me for a tutorial and I am happy to oblige but I do not like other people who would post it as their own.

Note: if you attempt to kill this chicken, it will drop neither feathers nor poultry. 

There are several differences between the chicken I have here today and the original. The final product is essentially the same except that it is sturdier and the head does not pop off like in the original. I have optimized the build to include as few pieces as possible. The only place that you could use less pieces in is with the tiling on the top of the chicken and on its nose. The only reason I have not done so is because I do not own enough tile pieces to minimize the number needed. You can easily substitute out the tiles on your own if you wish.

The main difference between the original chicken and this one though is the inclusion of working wings. With the swapping out of a few pieces from the original, your LEGO Minecraft chicken will now be able to fly.*

*Your LEGO Minecraft chicken will not actually be able to fly.

The Pieces

The build is a total of 97 pieces, give or take one or two because I can't count to save my life. Also if you choose to use fewer tile pieces, you can shave off a few pieces there.

These are the bricks you will be using in a smaller condensed shot. This excludes the tile and plate pieces that are also needed.

NOTE: These pieces are different! There is a slight indentation on two of these bricks. These two bricks are used for the eye pieces on the chicken. In order to achieve the flat black look, these pieces are used for the eyes. The four other similar but different bricks are used to attach the beak to the face.

For your convenience I am including a link to Bricklink for each of the pieces you will need. Bricklink is THE online community for LEGO pieces run solely by LEGO Fans around the world. I cannot guarantee availability or prices for any of the pieces on there. I just hope that this helps. I will also include a breakdown of how many of each brick you need.

NOTE: When purchasing white bricks from Bricklink be sure to note whether or not the owner says they are yellowed. One of the earlier mixtures of plastic for the white, gray and dark gray bricks was prone to yellowing, creating an off color white with a yellow tinge. You will notice that some of my bricks in this guide are off white and that is because they are older. If you want the whitest LEGO Minecraft chicken, be aware when making a purchase! Also be aware of whether or not the bricks are used, worn, or scratched. Also be aware of where the person you are buying from is located. If they are not in the same country, it is probably cheaper to buy from someone else. Each shop on Bricklink has different restrictions and requirements. Pay attention to them.

Always shop around! Bricklink isn't the only way to get LEGO over the Internet, but it is probably the cheapest. You can order all of these LEGO pieces direct from LEGO, but it would be a heck of a lot more expensive, as well as taking much longer depending on your location in the world (because they ship only from Denmark if you buy from their online Pick A Brick selection.)

15 2x4 White Brick
1 2x3 Red Brick
2 1x1 Black Tile
4 1x2 White Tile
2 1x3 White Tile
6 1x4 White Tile
5 2x2 White Tile
2 2x4 White Tile
1 2x2 Red Tile

Total = 97 Pieces

The Build

The build of the chicken is very simplistic. For the most part, the entire build is basically built straight from the bottom up and the only inclusion of any sort of technique is for the face when attaching the beak and the eyes. Have your pieces? Here we go.


This is the base of your chicken. It is four 2x6 pieces and one 1x6 piece. The 1x6 piece is in between the larger bricks.


These pieces will be the next level of your chicken. Add them to the top of the bricks you laid out in Step 1.

Your chicken should now look like this.


This is the third layer to your chicken. It is very similar to Step 2. except that it has a different central pattern. The pattern isn't very important so don't mind it. Just make sure you get those bricks in.

Add those bricks to the top of your build. I realize now that the pattern is different from how I had it set up in the last photograph. This is the hazard of taking instructional pictures while deconstructing the chicken. Either way will work though.


The fourth layer to your LEGO Minecraft chicken. The gap is intentional. This is where the chicken's head will go later.

Add the fourth layer on and you will start to see the shape of your chicken's body forming.


This is the final layer of your chicken's body. The bricks are not as long because in the next step we will be adding wings to the chicken.

Your chicken's body is now complete.



For step number 6, you will need these pieces. These pieces constitute both wings.

Take half of those pieces. This is one wing.

Now I'm assuming since you have actively chosen to follow my directions that you can figure out this step, so there is no video of me clicking these pieces together. Take the two 1x6 bricks, put them on top of each other. Now add the piece with the hinge and snap that on top of the 1x6 bricks (the hinge can swing either way.) Now add the 1x4 brick. Tada! You have a wing.


Do the same thing except have the hinge swing the opposite direction.


Add the wings to the body. Your body is coming together nicely now.


These are all the pieces that you will need for the brick portion of the chicken head. It is kind of terrifying without the tiling and the beak.

Step 7. is to simply get the 2x4 tile piece out. Simple huh?


Attach the two 2x4 bricks to the 2x4 plate. 


Now add these three bricks on top as shown below.


Add these 5 bricks on top as shown below. Note that these four 1x1 bricks face forward on the chicken's head and have no indentation to them. The two remaining pieces that are similar to these four will be used in the next step and make up the eyes. You can see them in the background of this picture.


The brick portion of the head is nearly complete! Add these four pieces to the top of the head.

This is kind of terrifying looking.


Add these two pieces to the top of the head.

The head should now look like this. It is still terrifying to behold.


Take the head you just built and attach it to the body of the chicken. You now have a chicken monstrosity. Don't fret, the details are coming up next.


These pieces make up the beak and wattle. For those of you who don't know, the wattle is the red hanging portion.

Flip the 2x4 yellow brick over and arrange the 1x2 yellow bricks as shown. You probably know where the red 2x3 brick is going.

Regardless of whether or not you knew where the red piece was going I included a picture of it just to be safe.

Your product should now look like this. 

Attach your beak and wattle to the face of your chicken head. It is much less terrifying now.


Now we start moving onto the details with the addition of the tiles. These tiles (as you can probably guess) go on the face of the chicken. Add the two block 1x1 tiles to the eyes. Add the two 2x2 yellow tiles to the beak and the one 2x2 red tile to the wattle.

Your chicken should be easily recognizable now. 


Your chicken isn't finished yet though! In order to achieve the smooth Minecraft look, he needs tiling! 

I cannot stress enough that for the most part, it does not matter how you tile the chicken. This pattern will work with the tiles I have provided, but it could be a lot more simplified and with fewer pieces. For example, the wing pieces could simply be 1x6 tiles instead of two tiles per wing. The tiles in the middle of the body could be simplified even further. Same at the base of the neck. The only tiles that you really cannot mess with are the 1x3 tiles and that's because they cover up the wing hinges. 

After adding the tiles, your chicken should look like something like this. You should note that I did not even follow my own tile specifications and instead used three 1x4 tiles on the head. It really does not matter as long as all the studs are covered. 



The final part of your chicken! By now these should be the only pieces you have left anyways. Take three 1x1 yellow bricks and stack them on top of each other. Now do it again! Take the two 1x3 plates and place them as shown below.


Now put it all together like this and you have your feet.


Stick your feet on to the bottom of the chicken in the spots shown here. This will allow your chicken to stand up without any other support. Note: Out of the two directions shown here, it does not matter which way the 1x3 plates on the bottom of the feet are facing. I have tried both ways and with either way the chicken should stand up. It seems to be sturdier when the feet on the bottom are facing forward though, rather than out to the side. I hope this helps.


Smile! You've got a LEGO Minecraft chicken.